Welcome to Dentistry in the Village!

Below are a few things you should expect get prepared for an initial visit. We look forward to taking care of your smile!

Complete Exam and Treatment Plan

At your first appointment, Dr. Dobson will meet with you and review your medical and dental treatment, and discuss your Chief Concerns and your oral health goals.

Dr Dobson will perform a thorough dental exam and take any necessary records, which may include dental X-rays. If previous X-rays were taken recently, we can contact your previous dental office, with your consent, to have them sent to us.

A treament plan will then be developed to treat your concerns, relieve pain, treat tooth decay and periodontal disease, and address any orthodontic or cosmetic concerns.

One of our wonderful dental hygienists will then see you for your dental cleaning.

Dental Hygiene Appointment

Your dental hygienist will assess your periodontal health and the tarter and stain accumulated. Often, cleanings can be finished in one appointment, however if periodontal disease is present and/or if pain control is needed, it can take multiple appointments to complete the cleaning. The dental hygienist will plan these appointments depending on your needs.

Your dental hygienist will review oral hygiene with you and determine the best cleaning frequency for your optimal oral health.