Dental Hygiene
Maintain your smile’s health and beauty

Taking care of your teeth and gums as part of your daily routine to ensure good oral health is necessary. Brushing twice per day and flossing daily are excellent for maintenance between office visits, but a healthy mouth and beautiful smile require routine general and preventative care to stay that way.

Your oral health can affect your overall health and wellness. Regularly scheduled visits to a hygienist and dentist will allow for monitoring of your oral health status, and proper diagnosis of periodontal and dental diseases. Based on our diagnosis, we can provide a plan and treatment that is ideal for you.

Our preventive hygiene services include scaling, to remove tarter and plaque and polishing to removing minor stains. A fluoride application may also be given to make teeth more resistant to tooth decay. Oral hygiene instruction will be reviewed to ensure proper brushing technique. Our focus is on preventive dentistry, attempting to prevent decay and gum disease from starting.

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